On my Android tablet I see the trailers but I can't see the movies

If you're having trouble playing our content through your Android device, you can follow these simple steps and check how the content plays.

First of all, delete the app, turn off and on the device, download the latest version of Rakuten TV on Google Play and try playing a free movie.

It is not possible to play a movie using  content protection technology with a modified version of Android OS. That is why if your Android device is "rooted" you will not be able to play Rakuten TV movies. In that case, we recommend that you restore your device to the official version of Android OS to be able to enjoy all the features of your app.  

If, when you try to watch a movie you get the following message: " Video playback may be incompatible with the firmware version detected on this device", it means that we have detected that your device may be incompatible with our content since, even though you have not authorized root permissions, the device's firmware is modified from the factory and does not include a component that allows you to play movies. The installed firmware depends on each manufacturer and cannot be changed by Rakuten TV.
We hope that you will find the application useful, for example, to browse the catalog, watch the trailers and add the films that interest you to your " I want to see " section to later enjoy them on another compatible device.

Usually this is enough to fix playback problems.

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