1. How can I watch the movies and tv show that I have already purchased?

All your contents are listed under the profile menu. To reach profile, in the mobile app click on the profile icon at home page (top left corner):


And there you will see purchased/rented and downloaded contents.



2. How can I watch the movies and tv show included in my subscription?

You can find all movies and tv shows included in the subscription in the “subscription” menu. You can navigate to detail page of the movies and tv shows and start the playback from there.

3. Why I can’t buy/rent contents or subscribe on Android application?

Due to a new policy enforced by Google, starting from 1st of April, apps available on “Google Play” must have “Google in App purchase” as the only payment option. This means that we cannot continue with the currently used payment methods and unfortunately we need to deactivate payments on your device.

4.How can I purchase contents?

You can purchase/rent our movies through our web page or any other compatible device and watch or download them later in the Android app. You can do it in different ways:


4.1 Add contents wo wishlist. They will be stored in cloud and when you login to another device with the same account you will be able too see the wishlist. Purchase it there and then open the Android application again. The purchased content should be placed under library.


 step 1: add to wishlist


step 2: go to web or tv app, login with same account, open Wishlist under profile. For web:


step 3: Click the content in Wishlist and go the detail page


step 4: purchase it



5: Go to Android app, it will be available under profile


4.2 By clicking the link in how to watch message.


Step 1. Click add to Wishlist button. And then click “how to watch” button in detail page. Click the link in the next screen and go to web.


Step 2: In web, login with the same account and go to Wishlist. Or alternatively you can use search in web site to find the content.



Step 3: purchase the content from the detail page and after the purchase click the “play in the app” button. It will open the detail page of the content in Android application where you can start the playback.


5.Can I use my voucher to purchase contents on Android?

No, redeem voucher feature is not available on Android, you can use your voucher on other devices such as web and tv. After completing the purchase with voucher, you can watch it or download it in the mobile app.








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