STARZPLAY is an on-demand entertainment subscription service for lovers of TV series and hit movies. Subscribe for a monthly plan and enjoy the unique content wherever, whenever and as much as your heart desires.

What type of content is available on STARZPLAY?

STARZPLAY offers the best original series and iconic movies. Its wide catalogue includes current and past seasons of the famous STARZ Original Series, binge-worthy historical drama series, curated first run content and internationally acclaimed tv shows and blockbuster movies. The selection is frequently refreshed, so you can enjoy new content at all times.

Which devices support STARZPLAY on Rakuten TV?

STARZPLAY will be available through the Rakuten TV application on selected devices: Smart TV, Android TV, tablets, smartphones, PCs and Mac, Chromecast.

Can I access the STARZPLAY app on other platforms with my Rakuten TV account?

No. Subscriptions to STARZPLAY via Rakuten TV cannot be directly accessed via other platforms.

Does the existing STARZPLAY subscription allow me to watch STARZPLAY content on Rakuten TV?

No. Subscriptions through providers other than Rakuten TV can't be used. You need to subscribe to STARZPLAY through Rakuten TV in order to watch STARZPLAY contents using the Rakuten TV app.

How do I subscribe to STARZPLAY on Rakuten TV?

You can subscribe to STARZPLAY on any compatible devices except from IOS. After subscribing you will be asked to agree to some additional terms & conditions. For the monthly fee you will have unlimited access to all the content included in the package. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

How do I find movies or TV shows from STARZPLAY on Rakuten TV?

Simply head to the STARZPLAY section in the menu of our application to explore STARZ Original TV shows, premium movies and more. We frequently refresh the presentation and programming for you to always see the latest, most relevant content.

How do I unsubscribe from STARZPLAY on Rakuten TV?

Unsubscription is available only on our web platform. If you want to cancel your subscription to STARZPLAY on Rakuten TV, go to the " SETTINGS" menu. Select " SUBSCRIPTIONS", where you will find the option "Thinking of unsubscribing? Click here". Then you can confirm your withdrawal by selecting " Yes, unsubscribe ". However, as it is a monthly service you will continue to have access to STARZPLAY subscription until the end of the 30-day period from the last paid instalment. Once this period has passed, the cancellation will be effective, and you will no longer have access to the content.