What is Huawei Video?

Huawei Video is an app that can be found in Huawei mobile devices. It offers a unique streaming experience allowing Huawei users access to the latest movies to rent from Rakuten TV.

The content is streamed directly in the Huawei Video app. The Rakuten TV content you rent in Huawei Video is also available in Rakuten TV apps and website.

You can view trailers from a wide range of movies available to rent in the app.


Which devices is Huawei Video available on?

At the moment The app will be available on the new P40 smartphone only. 


What is Rakuten TV offering on Huawei Video?

Rakuten TV offers our latest movies from selected providers to rent:

● New Releases - Discover the latest new releases and exciting bonus content on your smartphone
● Family - Enjoy the best entertainment to watch with your family

These movies will be refreshed regularly, so you will often have access to a great new selection of titles.


How can I link my Rakuten TV account with Huawei Video?

To rent Rakuten TV movies in Huawei Video, first, you will have to link your Rakuten TV account to your Huawei account. You can do this in three simple steps:

- Select the Rakuten TV movie you want to watch.
- Click on the rent button. You will be redirected to our Sign In page.
- Insert your Rakuten TV credentials and accept our latest Terms and Conditions.
- Start enjoying our content in Huawei Video.

If you do not have a Rakuten TV account yet, you can create one on the Sign In page.

You only have to link the accounts the first time you use this service.


I have a problem with the voucher in Huawei Video.

Contact: mobile.uk@huawei.com 


I paid for the movie in Huawei Video, but cannot access the movie I rented. What's wrong?

Contact: mobile.uk@huawei.com


Why do I need both Huawei and Rakuten TV accounts?

Huawei Video is a service offered by Huawei with premium TVOD content from Rakuten TV.

As a user, you need to have a Huawei ID account and you must accept Rakuten TV T&C and Privacy Policy to be able to rent and watch our movies. The steps are short and easy to follow so that you can start watching movies in no time.


Who should I contact in case of an issue with Huawei Video?

Always write to mobile.uk@huawei.com first and Huawei will ask us for help if needed.

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