Rakuten TV Free is a selection of premium content on the Rakuten TV app, available for you to enjoy free of charge thanks to carefully-selected advertising partners.

Simply head to the Rakuten TV Free in the main menu of our application to explore our hand-picked selection of premium movies, TV shows and more. Our selection is frequently refreshed, so be sure to come back and visit.

Upon your acceptance, we may offer ads that are personalized to your experience, using indicators such as the content that you watch to improve the relevance and quality of ads for your benefit. We value your privacy, and you have full control over your settings in relation to advertising, including opting-out from personalized ads. For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Rakuten TV Free is currently available to enjoy without an account on our Smart TV app. On other devices, including our website, it will be necessary to login or register to access Rakuten TV Free. Please refer to our Terms of Use information. Signing up will bring you benefits such as exclusive offers and discounts, personalized recommendations and newsletters with information about our top new releases – both free and paid options.

Rakuten TV Free is currently available on the following list of devices: Compatible devices with Rakuten TV Free

We are working hard to make Rakuten TV Free available on all of our devices that are compatible including Smart TVs, web, mobile applications and connected devices – watch this space!

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