I forgot my login detail. How do I reset my password?


If you are trying to proceed with the migration form Talk Talk to Rakuten TV using the link https://talktalk.rakuten.tv/ but you find the error message indicating "combination of username and password is incorrect" then, Please recover your password using this link: https://talktalk.rakuten.tv/password_resets/new


If you already completed your migration from Talk Talk to Rakuten TV but you are finding issues to log in your new Rakuten TV account, please use the following link to recover your password: https://uk.rakuten.tv/recovery


Do I need to change my payment details?


No, to ensure a smooth transition, your previous Direct Debit details will been transferred when you accept the transition to Rakuten TV.


I am a TT Broadband customer with a separate TV store account, what will happen to my broadband?


TalkTalk will continue to provide your Broadband service and your TV service will be provided by Rakuten TV after the move if you agree to move on.


Can I use UltraViolet once my account is moved?


Neither ourselves or TalkTalk will support UltraViolet. As your UltraViolet purchases are held in the cloud you can find out where to watch them here: https://www.myuv.com/where-to-watch


Which devices are supported by Rakuten TV?


We support a wide range of devices including: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One, EE, Freesat, Roku, Smart TVs. You can have more information here: https://help.rakuten.tv/hc/en-gb/articles/201547311


From which countries can I watch my content?


You can watch your content anywhere in the UK. At the moment, outside of the UK your account will not work.


Will all of my content be available?


Your content may be impacted.We are working to make sure that you have maximum availability of your library and we will offer a fair compensation for those titles missing.


How will I benefit from the move?


Rakuten TV support more devices, higher quality as HDR/UHD,  and the latest new releases.


I already have a Rakuten account, what will happen to my libraries?


If you already have an account and your email addresses are the same, your libraries will be merged.


When will I be able to purchase on Rakuten TV?


As soon as you move to Rakuten TV following the transferring process, you will be able to purchase and watch your contents from our service.


What is Rakuten Point ? Where can I use this ?


You can have a full explaination about Rakuten Point here: https://help.rakuten.tv/hc/en-gb/articles/115005290045


Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional question at help-uk@rakuten.tv or from our web form https://help.rakuten.tv/hc/en-gb/requests/new