With our Offline feature you can download a Movie or a Series episode and watch it offline on your device!

Offline feature is available in most Android and iOS devices

  • On Android, download is available for devices with Android version 4.3 or higher and support for Widevine DRM (this does not include Android TV).
  •  On iOS, download is available for all devices with iOS 13 or newer installed.

To start watching offline content you have to update Rakuten TV’s App on your Android or iOS device to latest version available on Google Play or App Store respectively.

After you rent or a buy a content, if your device is compatible with our Offline feature, a "Download" button will be placed in the information page of all the movies and episodes available for download, next to "Watch now" button.




How to see the progress of the download?

If you press the download button, a pop up will give you the language options. Choose the one you want and the download will start. At this moment, you will see the download icon animated, indicating that your content is being downloaded.


Where are my downloaded files located?

Downloads are placed in "My Library" section located in the left menu in Android, and in the new "My Profile" menu in iOS. While a download is in progress, you will see that the movie is greyed out and a percentage is shown below the cover to show how far through the process your content is.




After the content has been successfully downloaded, you will be able to enter the app without an internet connection and watch it offline - or with an available 3G/4G network without worrying about the consumption of data.


What movies and episodes are available for download?

We aim to offer majority of our content for offline watching. The download icon on any movie or TV episode will indicate if the title is available for offline viewing.

If you cannot find the icon on an specific title, this means we are still working to offer it for offline mode.


Which version of the app is required to enjoy the new offline functionality?

Is possible to download and watch offline content on old versions of the App, but to be sure that everything works on the best way, we recommend to update the App to the latest version available on your device marketplace. 


How long can I enjoy downloaded movies and episodes for?

Offline functionality works with the same timings offered throughout the rental and purchase options in our service:

  • Rentals: during 30 days from the transaction and 48 hours from the first playback.
  • A purchase will stay on your device for 30 days. After 30 days, you will need to download it again.


How can I “refresh” the download?

You can keep the download for an additional 30 days just by playing it for a short time before expiring


Can I download movies and episodes via 3G/4G?

Yes - however we recommend Wi-Fi if possible to avoid losing connection in a 3G/4G area. There is an option available within the app settings that enables content download over a mobile 3G/4G network.




How much available storage space do I need in order to download content?

On average, you will need around 1-2 GB of free space for downloading a movie, and around 800 MB for an episode.

IMPORTANT: Note that you can only download the content in the internal memory of the device.


Is there any data consumption incurred after I download any movie or episode?

No. Whenever you complete a movie or episode download and it’s available in the Downloads section, it will only playback using the downloaded file. So if you are over a 3G/4G connection or if you are completely offline, you will be able to watch your downloaded content without worrying about any data consumption charges set by your operator.

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