Rakuten TV is compatible with the following Roku devices: 

Fabrication years: 2011 onwards.


What do I need to watch Rakuten TV on the Roku device? 

Getting ready to use Rakuten.tv on your Roku device is easy: 

  • Your device needs to be connected to an internet network 
  • Tap Channel Store in the Roku Home Menu 
  • Find the Rakuten TV app and press "Add Channel" (If you have configured a PIN code, you will need to enter the PIN code number) 
  • Press the Home Button, Rakuten TV will be available on your home page. 


How can I register a new Rakuten TV account on Roku? 

Please follow these instructions to create an account using the Roku device: 

  1.  Launch the Rakuten TV channel on your Roku device 
  2. You will need to enter your email address and choose a password that will be your unique identification with Rakuten TV. 
  3. In the next step, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. You will be able to ignore this section and your account will be ready to use after accepting the "Terms of Use". 


How do I pair/associate my Roku device with my Rakuten TV account? 

Follow these instructions to pair/link your Rakuten TV account to your Roku device: 


  1. Launch the Rakuten TV app on your Roku device 
  2. After selecting the pair / associate option, you will be asked to enter your email and password that you used to create the account. Once done, your device is paired / paired, and you will be redirected to the home page of the Rakuten TV app. 


How do I search for a movie or series in Rakuten TV on Roku? 

Finding movies on Rakuten TV is easy. To navigate to the search bar by title: 

  1.  Select the Search Menu 
  2. Once on the search page, you can enter the title of the movie, episode you want to see. If you don't know the entire title, enter at least 3 letters that you know that belongs to the title. The search engine will generate a list with the matching results. 


How do I buy or rent a movie on the Roku device? 

Rakuten TV offers two possibilities to view our content - Rent or Buy. 

 To rent or buy a movie you need to pair your device and add your credit card details. If you've already paired your device and completed the credit card steps, you can rent and buy with Rakuten TV on your Roku device. 

  1.  Choose a category under Movies or TV Series, or search for a specific title. 
  2. Choose Movie or TV Series to see details and purchasing options. 
  3. To purchase a movie, select Buy or Rent and follow the onscreen instructions. 
  4. Select the Buy or Rent option with the claimed quality and grab your popcorn! The movie or series you rented / purchased will be available on your "Library". 


How do I change the payment information associated with my account? 

To add or modify your bank details, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to "Settings" at the top right of the home page (https://rakuten.tv) 
  2. Click on “Payment information” 
  3. Fill in your credit card information. 
  4. Save the changes. 


How do I change parental control settings? 

Parental Control Settings allows you to filter the type of content visible on your Rakuten TV account. 

 To configure these settings: 

  1. Log into your Rakuten TV account on the Rakuten TV website and click "Settings" at the top right of the screen. 
  2. Click on the Settings / Parameters tab. 
  3. Choose the level of parental control you want. Make sure you click on save to activate the filtering! Your settings will be visible on your Roku device under the Setting menu. 


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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