If you have doubts about the process to purchase this promotion, here you have a complete explanation:

1. First of all, go to uk.rakuten.tv and purchase the offer.



2. You will be redirected to a landing page where you need to either create a new account or use the account you already have in Rakuten TV. You will see the two options: "Register Now" and "Already a user?".

If you wish to create a new account, just fill the information requested and click on "Create account".




3. Then, you need to add your Credit Card details and press on "Save payment details and confirm".

It's very important to note that if you are already a user in Rakuten TV and have a PayPal account linked to your profile, you can also use it as a payment method.

Take into account that in Google you will need to use a Credit Card to place the order.



4. After you confirm, a pop-up window will show up with your code to redeem it in Google Store and place your Chromecast order. If you click on the "Get your Chromecast!" button, you will be redirected. 

It's important that you copy your code in case you need to add it later.




5. Once you are in the Google site, click on "Buy from €39.00".



6. Choose a color and click on "Add to cart".


7. Click on "Check out".


7. Click on "Add a promotion code" and add your code. Then click on "Apply". You will see negative charge.

8. Click on "Add Debit card or Credit card". Then fill the information as requested. 

Note that you need a Credit Card to place the order.

You will also need to add your shipping address. 

9. Confirm the transaction by clicking on "Place order". 


10. Congratulations, you have ordered your Chromecast!


In the next window you will receive all the information regarding to your order. Using this information you will be able to track your order in the Google Store.



Limited offer. Rakuten TV Chromecast offers - Specific Terms & Conditions apply. No refunds will be made until we receive the device in the original packaging (if the content has not been watched). 

Full version of terms and conditions here

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us on help-uk@rakuten.tv.