How to pair and unpair my Rakuten TV account with my Philips Smart TV?

To pair your Philips Smart TV with Rakuten TV you have to create an account in our platform.

Once you have an account pair your device is very easy.

When you enter in the Rakuten TV app you will find this screen:


After pressing the yellow button in your remote control you will see this screen:


Choose “Pair account”. If you choose “Create a new account” you will create another account.


Add the email you registered in Rakuten TV Be sure that you add this information correctly, otherwise the system won’t recognize your account. Then press “Next”.

Add your password and press “Next”.

If the system recognizes your credentials we will welcome you and you will be able to use Rakuten TV in your Philips Smart TV.

Unpair account

If you go to Settings and follow the same instructions, when you are asked to add your password just press the red button in your remote control and your account will unpair.

Remember that you can always pair your account again with your Philips Smart TV or any other compatible device.

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