How can I access Rakuten TV using my Philips Smart TV?

  1. First of all you have to make sure that your Philips Smart TV is compatible with Rakuten TV.

Follow this link to check if your device is under the list of compatible Philips devices (a new window will open).

  1. Make sure that your device is connected to Internet.

Once you confirmed that your device is compatible, make sure that is connected to the Internet. To do this you have to connect your Philips device to a router or modem using a connection through an internet provider.

If you need more information about how to connect your Philips Smart TV to the internet service via WiFi or Ethernet cable, please click here to enter to the Philips Customer Service web page (a new window will open).

  1. Turn on your Philips Smart TV

Using the remote control of your Philips device, look for the “Home” button (in most remotes is a button with a little house icon) and press it. Then, look for the option that says “Explore NET TV” or “NET TV” and press it, you will find all the apps available in your Philips Smart TV. Look for the Rakuten TV app and press it.

In case you cannot find the Rakuten TV app, follow this instructions:

  1. Go to the option “App Gallery”.
  2. Using the green button of your remote control select UK and look for the Rakuten TV icon.
  3. Press the Rakuten TV icon and select “Add and move”, then put it wherever you want in your Smart TV’s main screen. Once you put it where you want press OK to set the icon position.
  4. Finally, you can press the Rakuten TV icon.

If the Internet connection is correct, you will see the Rakuten TV navigation menu.

Congratulations! You can enjoy Rakuten TV in your Philips Smart TV.

If your internet connection is correct, Rakuten TV will show you the movies catalog and other content available in Rakuten TV.

To rent or buy movies from Rakuten TV you need to have an account registered in Rakuten TV.

Once you register, your email and your password will be the credentials you need to see the content in Rakuten TV in your Philips, the website or in any other compatible device.

If you already have an account in Rakuten TV you just need to go to Settings and pair your account with your Philips Smart TV. Once you add your email and password, your device will be paired with your Rakuten TV account and all the rentals and purchases that you have will appear in your Library.

  1. Create an account

To enjoy Rakuten TV first you have to create an account. The steps are very easy and you can do it in your TV with the remote control or in a computer where is easier since you have a physical keyboard.

Using your computer

To create an account using a computer, you just need to go to:

And follow the instructions to create a new account.

You just need to add your email and password and then confirm your account.

Once you have created your account, turn on your Philips Smart TV and press the Rakuten TV app. Go to Settings to pair your account with your device. To do this you have to enter your email and password.

Using your TV

Turn on your Philips Smart TV and press the Rakuten TV app.

Go to Settings and follow the steps to create a new account. You just have to add your personal information and your Billing Information in case you want to rent or buy content from Rakuten TV The same account can be used in our website or in other compatible device.

During the creation of a new account, please take into account the following parameters:

  • Email: This will be the credential you need to sign in Rakuten TV, you can change this information going to Settings, User, Information.
  • Password: We recommend you to use a save password and do not share it. You will need this password to enter in our website or in any compatible device with Rakuten TV and also to change the Settings of your account.

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