Rakuten TV - LG offer: First rental for 99p

Great news!

LG UK and Rakuten TV have partnered to offer you your first HD rental on Rakuten TV for 99p.

Vouchers are included inside the box of your new LG TV (Selected models only)


The voucher is valid for one use and can only be redeemed exclusively on your LG Smart TV. All you need to do is create a Rakuten TV account and pair it with your LG Smart TV.

Please refer to this page for further information on how to redeem your voucher. Enjoy your movie!"


Note: To redeem your voucher you will have to accept the Rakuten TV Terms of Use, Contractual Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies. Offer available on LG in the UK for the first 30,000 registered users. Only movies in catalogue at the time of redemption are available for rental. One redemption per user.  Offer expires at 00:00 on March 31st 2016. Rakuten TV reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time at its sole discretion. Please refer to help-uk@rakuten.tv for help redeeming your voucher"




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