How to change the Parental Control on the new Rakuten TV app

The Parental Control setting lets you choose what kind of content is visible on your Rakuten TV account.

To configure this setting in the new Rakuten TV app:


1. Log in to your Rakuten TV account and scroll down until you find the "Settings" button. 

You can also press the red button in your remote control and choose "Settings".




3. Choose the level of Parental Control you want to apply. 


These are the different levels of Parental Control you can choose from:

U - Content that is suitable for all audiences.

PG - Content that is suitable for children with parental guidance.

12 - Content suitable for ages 12 and over.

15 -  Content suitable for ages 15 and over.

18 - Content suitable only for adults over 18 years of age.

NR- Not certified.

R18 -All Movies and TV Series, including adult content.  


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