To view content in normal quality (SD: Standard Definition) you will need a connection of at least 3 real Mbps. To view content in high definition (HD: High Definition) you must have a connection of at least 5 real Mbps. In the case of 4k content (UHD: Ultra High Definition) you must have a connection of at least  20 real Mbps .

This minimum required connection has to be a real connection received directly on the device you are using to play the content at that moment. 

For example: if you have contracted a 30 MB connection with an Internet provider, it may be the case that you receive a real signal of 10 MB. Several factors can intervene in this fact: 

- Distance between the device and the Router. 

- Connection via cable or Wi-Fi. (wired recommended)

- Numbers of devices connected to the same network at the time of playback. 

*If you experience any playback or buffering issues, we recommend that you restart your router and unplug your device from the mains to clear any accumulated errors.
Here below the link to check your internet speed : 
The movies are played in streaming, so it is necessary to be connected to the Internet at the time of viewing. Streaming is the distribution of multimedia content through a network in such a way that the user consumes the product at the same time that it is loaded.

As the contracted speed and the real one does not usually coincide, in Rakuten TV we recommend that you have at least a contract of 6 Mbps of bandwidth.

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