I'm trying to watch a movie, but it keeps buffering and cutting out!

We understand that buffering can ruin your enjoyment.

There are several factors that affect video streams such as: An error stored on your router, Low internet connection speed, peek hours, firmware version of the device you are using, etc.


If you are experiencing buffering please follow these suggestions:


1. Disconnect your Internet Router form the electricity and reconnect after 5 minutes. This will delete any error that might be stored in your device. 


2. If the buffering persist; we recommend to update the firmware version of your device.


3. Click the following link to perform a connection speed test: www.speedtest.net

If the test result is much lower than the speed you have contracted, we recommend connecting your TV to the Internet router using a cable. WIFI connections are prone to interference and can cause interruptions. 

To enjoy Rakuten TV content without buffering or cut outs, it is necessary to have an internet connection speed of at least 3 Mbps to watch SD content, 5 Mbps to watch HD and 20 Mbps to watch UHD content.


We have prepared some free films so you can perform a test without having to rent or purchase a movie. , These free films are: "Sintel" and "Big Buck Bunny".


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