I'm trying to watch a movie, but it keeps buffering and cutting out!

We understand that problems related to buffering and cut-outs are annoying. Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose the cause of these problems because there are a lot of factors that affect video streams such as: your router, internet connection speed, your internet provider, the connection between our servers and those of your provider, firmware version of the device you are using, etc.  

Because of this, we ask you to try out the following suggestions to see if they will solve your problem: 

1. Click the following link to perform a connection speed testhttp://www.speedtest.net/
To enjoy Rakuten TV content without buffering or cut outs, it is necessary to have at least an internet connection speed of 3 Mbps to watch SD content, and 5 Mbps to watch HD content.

If the test result is much lower than the speed you have contracted, we recommend you get in touch with your internet provider to look at the problem.

2. Try connecting your computer to your router using a cable. WIFI connections are prone to interference and can cause interruptions. 

3. When watching a movie on Rakuten TV, don't share the internet connection, especially with other programs that use downloads. 

4. Router tests:
- restart the router (can solve problems of over-charging the router).
- try to use another router connection cable or connect it to a different plug in your router.
- try changing the firewall security level on your router to medium or low.

After trying out these suggestions, we recommend that you try watching a free movie on Rakuten TV (like "Sintel" and "Big Buck Bunny") so you can see whether these fixes solved your problem or not without having to rent or purchase a movie.