The remote control of my Panasonic device doesn't let me control playback

On some of the Panasonic televisions, we have detected that the remote control does not come configured to control video playback. To activate these functions, please follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on your television
  2. Pointed at the television, hold down the red button on your remote control (the red button is located on the lower part of your remote)
  3. With the red button still pressed down, press the 7 and 3 buttons and then the Stop button.
  4. Now you can stop holding down the red button ( If after trying these steps you are still unable to configure the remote, please try the same steps but instead of holding down the red button, hold down the Power on/off red button).
  5. You should now have you remote control configured correctly.



If by any chance you keep having problems with the playback options on your remote control, please contact us at!


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