This is the list of LG Smart TVs which are compatible with our service. However, if you have any problem with your compatible device, don't hesitate to send us an email to



2012 Smart TV 2013 Smart TV 2014 Smart TV
47LM960V 55EA980W 77EC980V
55LM960V 65LA970W 65EC970V
84LM960V 55LA970W 65UC970V
72LM950V 65LA965W 55UC970V
47LM860V 55LA965W 55EC930V
55LM860V 60LA860W 55EA880W
42LM760T 55LA860W 55EA870W
47LM760T 47LA860W 105UB9V
55LM760T 42LA860W 98UB980V
50PM680T 55LA790W 84UB980V
60PM680T 47LA790W 79UB980V
42LM670T 60LA740V 65UB980V
47LM670T 55LA740V 65UB950V
55LM670T 47LA740V 55UB950V
50PM670T 42LA740V 55UB850V
60PM670T 55LA690V 49UB850V
42LM660T 47LA690V 55UB830V
42LM669T 42LA690V 49UB830V
47LM660T 55LA660V 42UB820V
47LM669T 50LA660V 60JL9000
55LM660T 47LA660V 55JL9000
42LM640T 42LA660V 49JL9000
47LM640T 47LA641V 55LB731V
55LM640T 42LA641V 47LB731V
32LM620T 55LA640V 42LB731V
37LM620T 47LA640V 65LB730V
42LM620T 42LA640V 60LB730V
47LM620T 60LA620V 55LB730V
55LM620T 55LA620V 47LB730V
65LM620T 50LA620V 42LB730V
32LS570T 47LA620V 55LB700V
32LS575T 42LA620V 47LB700V
37LS570T 32LA620V 42LB700V
42LS570T 47LN613V 70LB650V
42LS575T 42LN613V 60LB650V
50PM970T 60LN578V 55LB650V
60PM970T 50LN578V 50LB650V
42PM470T 47LN578V 47LB650V
50PM470T 42LN578V 42LB650V
  39LN578V 32LB650V
  32LN578V 55LB630V
  55LN575V 47LB630V
  50LN575V 42LB630V
  47LN575V 47LB585V
  42LN575V 42LB585V
  39LN575V 32LB585V
  32LN575V 60LB580V
  47LN570V 55LB580V
  42LN570V 50LB580V
  32LN570U 47LB580V
  29LN460U 42LB580V
  26LN460U 39LB580V
  60PH670V 32LB580V
  50PH670V 42LB570V
  60PH660V 28LB490U
  50PH660V 50PB660V

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