Rent and purchase the best entertainment on your Sony Bravia

Easily find the film you want to watch on Sony

Searching for films on Rakuten TV is very easy. You just need to go to the "Search" section that you will find at the top of the app's main menu, easy to recognize since its symbol is a hand less.

Once there, you must enter the name of the film you want to see, or at least three letters of its title, and our search engine will generate a list of titles matching your search.

Rent for 48 hours

Rakuten TV offers two ways to watch our contents: rental and purchase. For contractual reasons, some films will only be available for rental and some others will only be available for purchase. But in most cases, both options will be available.

If you rent some Rakuten TV content, it will be available in "Library" for 48 hours from the moment the rental took place. So you will be able to stream this content as many times as you want within the 48 hours of rental. You will find the "Library" in the upper-right corner of our web's main screen once you have paired your Rakuten TV account with your Sony device.

Purchase, unlimited reproductions

If you decide to purchase a film or TV series on Rakuten TV, the content will be in your "Library" section for three years.

For technical reasons, it is not possible to download your purchases to your hard disk or a DVD yet. Nevertheless, you will be able to access this content easily and stream it as many times as you want. You just have to log in to Rakuten TV and click on "Library".


Renting or purchasing a film or TV series means it will be available on any device you have paired with your Rakuten TV Through your "Library" section, you will always be able to access your user's content no matter what device you have used to rent or purchase the content.

Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard as credit cards; and as a debit card Visa Electron.

HD only on TV

We have a selection of films available in HD (High Definition) but, for contractual reasons, we cannot give the option to watch our contents in HD from our web. However, this content can be rented from the web and reproduced later in HD on your TV.

To see if a film is available in HD, just access the film's details and check the video quality options: SD (which stands for "Standard Definition), HD (which stands for High Definition).

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