How can I pair my Sony device with Rakuten TV?

To pair your Sony device with Rakuten TV first you have to create an account in our platform. If you don't have an account yet, you can follow this link to create one:

We recommend you to choose an easy username and password, so you can remember them and also to be able to pair your account on the different devices easily.

Once you have an account, pairing it to a device is easy.

When you enter in the Rakuten TV app you will see this screen:


To pair your device you have to press the yellow button of your remote control. When you press it, the following screen will appear:


Once here you have to choose the "Pair existing account" option. If you choose the "Create new account" you will create another account.


Now introduce the email address you used to register in Rakuten TV Note that you must enter this information as you create them. Once introduced, press the "Next" button. 

The following screen will appear:


Enter your password and press the "Next" button. 

If the process was successful, a new screen will show up to welcome you.

You are ready to use your Sony device with Rakuten TV!

If you have any problems during this process or further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


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