These are the steps you need to follow to stream Rakuten TV content on your Chromecast using an Android or a iOS device or the browser of your computer.

  • Your Chromecast and your Android or iOS device or web browser must be connected to the same WiFi network. Once this is done, the "Chromecast" button will appear as you can see it in the picture below :




  • When you click on the Chromecast button, you will see a list of the available Chromecast; just choose yours
  • Your Android or your iOS device's Rakuten TV app or your web browser, and your Chromecast will connect and the Chromecast symbol will change as below.
  • Once you enter the detail page of any movie, you'll have the option to stream it on Chromecast by pressing "Watch Now".




If you have followed these steps and the "Chromecast" button isn't available yet, follow the additional instructions here.

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