In my Android tablet, I can see the trailers but I cannot watch movies

Since movie playback uses content protection technology, it is incompatible with a modified version of Android OS. That is why if your Android device is "rooted" you won’t be able to play movies. In this case we recommend you restore your device to the official version of Android OS to be able to enjoy all the features of your Rakuten TV app.

If when trying to watch a movie you get the following message: "Video playback may not be compatible with the firmware version detected on this device" this means we have detected that your device may be incompatible with our content. Although you might not have authorized the root permissions, the device firmware can be factory modified and does not include a component that allows movie playback. The installed firmware varies by manufacturer and from Rakuten TV we cannot change it.

If this is the case we hope you find the application useful, for example to browse the catalogue, view trailers and add the movies that interest you to your Wishlist to be enjoyed later in another compatible device. You can also use your Android tablet as a remote control to send content to a Chromecast device.

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