Find, rent and buy the best films from your Xbox’s app

Find the film you want to see!

Finding movies in Rakuten TV Find is easy. Go to the Search section or press the yellow button (Y) from any Rakuten TV section and choose the method that most closely matches your needs (search for movies, TV series or recover old searches). Enter the first few letters of the title of the film or TV series you are looking for. The search will produce a list of titles that match those letters you entered.


If you do not know the title of the movie or you have not decided on what movie you want to watch, you can check out the New Releases, Most Popular, Recommended or Free movie sections in the left menu.


Rent for 48 hours

Rakuten TV offers two options for viewing content: renting and buying. For contractual reasons some films can only be rented while others can only be purchased, but in the majority of cases the two options are available.


Rented content will be available in your Library for 48 hours from the time of rental. You can watch such content as many times as you like within those 48 hours. Your Library (located on the top right side of our website’s Home page) is accessed by signing in with your username and password.


Buying and unlimited viewing


Purchased movies and TV series become available in your Library for a at least three years, but if the studios allow us, we will make them available even longer. You can easily access and view your content as many times as you want. All you need to do is sign in to Rakuten TV with your username and password, and click on the Library button located on the top right of the website.



All your content is accessible on your Library regardless of the platform where you made the purchase or rental.

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