Rent or buy the best entertainment on Rakuten TV

Searching for titles...
Searching for movies on Rakuten TV is easy. All you have to do is enter the title (or keywords from the title) of the movie you want to see in the search bar located in the upper right-hand side of the webpage.

You will also find that our selection of movies is broken down into categories for easy browsing. If you scroll over the “Movies” tab at the top of the screen, a drop down menu will appear where you will see movie genres as well as special collections.

48 hour rental...
When you decide on a movie or TV series episode, you have two purchasing options. You can either rent the item or buy it. For contractual reasons with some of our distributors, some movies are only available to rent, while others may only be available to buy. In the majority of cases, however, both options are available to you.

If you choose to rent a movie, it will be available in your Library for 48 hours starting from the moment you confirm the rental. You are now free to watch the movie instantly as many times as you want within the 48 hour rental period. The “Library” button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the home page and is only visible when you have logged in to your Rakuten TV account with your username and password. 

Buying movies and unlimited viewings!
If you choose to buy a movie or TV series on Rakuten TV, the content will immediately be available in your Library for up to 3 years.

At the moment, it isn’t possible to download your purchases to the hard drive of your computer, a USB port, or onto a disc. However, you do have easy access to your purchased content and are free to watch it as many times as you want by entering your Rakuten TV account and going to the “Library” folder.  

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