What are Rakuten Super Points?

Rakuten Super Points (RSP) is our rewards program and our way of saying "Thank You" for using Rakuten TV and other Rakuten services! RSP are a virtual currency which means you can use them to buy products in Rakuten TV.


How do I get RSP?

With RSP we are thanking you for your loyalty. The more you rent or buy in Rakuten TV, the more RSP you’ll earn to help you make future purchases. Per whole GBP (£) you spent (or € for other European countries) we will give you 1 RSP worth one penny to exchange on Rakuten services.


When and how can I spend my Rakuten Super Points?

As soon as your Rakuten Points are credited to your account, they are available to spend. You can currently spend Rakuten Points to purchase products in Rakuten TV!


Please note it is not possible to pay partially using points and money at Rakuten TV. Make sure you have enough points to cover the full price of your purchase.


How can I pay for a movie or TV Series with my RSP?

To use your Rakuten Super Points to Rent or Buy a movie, you have to go to the page of the movie you want to purchase and select the option you prefer clicking on the "Watch it now" button. Then you'll arrive to the checkout page, in which you can choose the quality of the movie and see the final price. In this page, you have to mark the "Use Rakuten Super Points" button, as you can see in the next images. When you mark the button, the price of the movie will change, and you'll see how many point you have to spend to rent the movie. To finish the process you just have to press the yellow button.



How can I see how many Rakuten Super Points I have?

You’ll see the amount next to your name on our website: uk.rakuten.tv. You can check your full Rakuten Points balance at https://point.rakuten.co.uk/  or https://point.rakuten.ie for Irish accounts.

using your Rakuten TV credentials.


From which devices can I redeem my RSP?

The option to Rent or Buy a movie using the Rakuten Super Points is currently available through our web https://uk.rakuten.tv and Smart TV´s compatible with the last version of our app (you can identify if your TV has the latest version of our app if you must press the red button on your remote control to open the MENU).


Can my Rakuten Super Points expire?

Promotionally earned RSP will expire within a set time period –check the T&Cs for the promotion each time-. Once these RSP expire, it is no longer possible to spend them.


How can I redeem a RSP voucher?

A RSP voucher is a nine digits code that you can redeem on your Rakuten account to obtain the amount of points. 

To redeem the voucher you have to follow this link: https://uk.rakuten.tv/points/welcome

You will need to click on ‘Redeem’ button in order to redeem the coupon and get the points on your account.