What is TV Plus?

-          TV Plus is an app by Samsung Electronics for Smart TVs to offer a unique experience that combining linear viewing behavior (TV channels) with premium VOD movies to rent from Rakuten TV.

-          The content can also be viewed by directly accessing channel number 4000, 4001 and 4002 with direct entry of numbers using remote control or accessing guide and finding these channels.

-          You can access attractive trailers and extras from a range of movies for free and then rent the movie to watch the full length directly on your Smart TV


Which devices is TV Plus available on?

-          For now, TV Plus is available only on 2017 Smart TVs from Samsung Electronics (Need device line up)


What is Rakuten TV offering in TV Plus?

-          Rakuten TV will be offering 2 channels

o   New Releases (channel # 4000) – Discover the latest new releases and exciting bonus content on your Smart TV

o   Family (channel # 4001) - Enjoy the best entertainment to watch in family

-          These movies will be refreshed regularly for you to have access to a great new selection often.

-          Exciting trailers and extra content from the selected movies will be provided to users for free

-          Renting the movie will cost between €3.99-€5.99 depending on the quality rented


Can I find my movies also in Rakuten TV

-          Yes, all movies you rent from Rakuten TV channels will also be available in Rakuten TV app in your library upon activating your account

-          You can use the same account as used for TV Plus


I have a problem with the voucher in TV Plus?

-          Contact: help.tvplus@samsung.com


I paid in TV Plus, but cannot access the movie I rented. What´s wrong?

-          Contact: help.tvplus@samsung.com

Why do I need a Samsung account for TV Plus?

-          TV Plus is a service offered by Samsung electronics with premium VOD content from Rakuten TV

-          As a user you need to have a Samsung account and need to accept Rakuten TV T&C and Privacy policy to be able to rente and watch movies. The flow is guided and simple, you´ll be able to rent movies easily


Who should I contact in case of issue with TV Plus?

-          Always write to help.tvplus@samsung.com first and where relevant, Samsung will ask us to help.

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