What is TV Plus?

TV Plus is an app by Samsung Electronics for Smart TVs to offer a unique experience that combining linear viewing behavior (TV channels) with premium VOD movies to rent from Rakuten TV.

The content can also be viewed by directly accessing channel number 4000, 4001 and 4002 with direct entry of numbers using remote control or accessing guide and finding these channels.

You can access attractive trailers and extras from a range of movies for free and then rent the movie to watch the full length directly on your Smart TV.


Which devices is TV Plus available on?

At this moment TV Plus is available on 2017 and 2018 Smart TVs from Samsung Electronics.


What is Rakuten TV offering in TV Plus?

Rakuten TV will be offering 3 channels:

  • New Releases (channel # 4000) – Discover the latest new releases and exciting bonus content on your Smart TV
  • Family (channel # 4001) - Enjoy the best entertainment to watch in family
  • UHD Movies (channel # 4002) - Enjoy the best UHD HDR content. Cinema has never been that close. UHD channel is only available for UHD supporting Smart TVs.

-   These movies will be refreshed regularly for you to have access to a great new selection often.

-   Exciting trailers and extra content from the selected movies will be provided to users for free.

-   Renting the movie will cost between €3.99-€5.99 depending on the quality rented.


I have a problem with the voucher in TV Plus?

Contact: help.tvplus@samsung.com


I paid in TV Plus, but cannot access the movie I rented. What´s wrong?

Contact: help.tvplus@samsung.com

Why do I need a Samsung account for TV Plus?

TV Plus is a service offered by Samsung electronics with premium VOD content from Rakuten TV.

As a user you need to have a Samsung account and need to accept Rakuten TV T&C and Privacy policy to be able to rente and watch movies. The flow is guided and simple, you´ll be able to rent movies easily.


Who should I contact in case of issue with TV Plus?

Always write to help.tvplus@samsung.com first and where relevant, Samsung will ask us to help.